Early Morning Shore

Early enough that you’re

Joined only by the sand tractor

But just later than morning beach yoga

There are hardly any footprints

Leading down to the water.

And in the area you are standing

There are just as many bird prints

As their are shoe prints.



You were like a magnet

Drawing me in

Feeling like I had no control

Just moving closer and closer

Feeling like I couldn’t stay away


I hit the breaks just before

I always halted to a stop

And pushed away slightly

Flipped the magnet

So there would be

Space between us

North to north

Or south to south

Backing away ever so slightly

Only to be pulled back again

And again

And again.

Time Zones

Flying forward in time

Allows you to see the

Fantastical progression

Of a country-wide sunset

With wisps of clouds

Fading softly from pink

Into a quiet periwinkle.

As the journey continues

The brighter colors

At the edge of the horizon

Begin to mute and become hazy

Yellows trade for fuzzy oranges

And light blues for deeper hues

Of indigo and violet

And where they blend in the middle

You see the continuation of a thought

Unfolding into a deeper moment

Of peaceful contemplation

Until soon you are entirely

Enveloped in the night sky


If I’m with you

I am really with you

I will cheer you on

When you are performing

I will pick you up

When you have fallen

I will push past

Minor inconveniences

And minor flaws

And stay with you

For years on end

I will defend you

To those who try to fault you

And I will not be perfect

Or always consistent

So I ask that you forgive me

Because I just do the best

That I can.